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These aren’t your mom’s sparkly vampires. “Like the Lord of the Flies … in a concentration camp run by vampires.” When a young wanderer of untapped power awakens imprisoned by a conspiracy of ruthless vampires, he must harness his raw abilities to overthrow their vampiric order, save his fellow survivors, and rescue the woman he’s come to love. But how can one man overcome dozens of preternaturally swift killers? How does he fight back with no weapons of his own? And how can he dare love, when everyone around him would sell each other out for the slightest advantage? Readers say Endless Night is a gripping survival adventure mixing cinematic action with existential horror at its best. If you love The Hunger Games, I Am Legend, or anything in the supernatural post-apocalyptic genre, you’ll love Endless Night because it’s a non-stop action ride with constant twists and action amid a battle for survival. Grab your copy today. ***